One of the best choices that you can make is to decide to stop smoking. There are many remedies on the market, some of which are over-the-counter, whereas others you need a prescription for. Although pharmaceutical treatments have proven to be effective for some people, like most every other remedy that has come out, they either do not last for very long, or they have no effect on a person’s addiction to nicotine. Since nicotine seems to be the problem, if you could stop smoking without actually stopping your habit, wouldn’t it be beneficial to try this method out if it did exist?

Electronic cigarettes have provided thousands of people with a venue apart from traditional cigarettes, allowing them to stop smoking, sometimes within a few days. Here are some tips on choosing the best electronic cigarettes that can help you and your addiction to tobacco-based cigarette products.

Which Ecig Is Best?

There are some electronic cigarettes and UK E-liquid that many people will use it more than others, sometimes based upon notoriety and reputation, whereas others are simply better than the rest. However, it’s subjective to some degree in that each person smokes a different type of cigarettes, and therefore the replacement for that cigarette might not be the same for each person. That’s why many of these companies offer starter kits where you can order a small package to get a feel, any taste, for these products. Usually priced at around $50, give or take 20 bucks, you can try out ecigs from different companies. The best one is typically a subjective opinion, but here are a few companies that are leading the pack in regard to the e cigarette revolution.

V2 or Green Smoke?

Two of the leaders in the industry are V2 and Green Smoke. V2 is the leader in sales, and probably profits, primarily because they charge more for their cigarettes than most of the others. Green smoke has a reputation for replicating the taste of actual cigarettes, something that is actually very hard to do because you’re working with flavored water vapor. Since the smoke is gone, that sensation will definitely not be there, but you can always replicate the nicotine in regular cigarettes. Unfortunately, most of the companies that do this are either off on the flavor, the amount of nicotine provided in each puff, and how the cigarettes actually make you feel. You have to remember that cigarette smoking is not just about the nicotine, or the smell of the smoke, but the actual feeling that you have once you are done exhaling. This is something that both V2 and Green Smoke are able to do very easily, and why you might want to consider trying a starter pack from either one of these companies.