Nite Ize Hitch™ Phone Anchor & Tether Black


Must have Nite Ize phone security system

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The Nite Ize Hitch ™ is the must have accessory for your expensive and invaluable smartphone.

The Hitch™ is designed to prevent damage to your phone or theft by securely tethering it to your body protecting from drops and light fingers whilst still remaining accessible and convenient.

The Hitch™ consists of an ultra thin anchor that fits neatly between your phone and case with a small anchor ring point that feeds through the charging port. A coiled tether is then attached to the phone and anchor point using 2 MicroLock carabiner clips for reliable security.

The tether will stretch up to an impressive 24 inches for easy use of the phone whilst the anchor point is designed to fit through the charging point without interfering with charging itself.

This phone anchor system is perfect for everything from outdoor adventures to city outings and everyday security.

  • Protects from drops and theft.
  • Keeps your phone secure and convenient.
  • Ultra-thin Hitch Phone Anchor fits between case and phone.
  • Removable coiled tether extends up to 24 inches.
  • Anchor point is designed to fit through your case’s charging port without interfering with charging.
  • MicroLock double-gated carabiner features a twist-to-lock center locking mechanism.
  • Detachable MicroLocks allow quick connection to belt loops, backpack straps, or to the coiled tether to create a cinching wrist strap on the fly.
  • Works best with cases that feature a standard-size charging port.
  • Compatible with both corded and wireless charging.
  • Includes: Hitch Phone Anchor and coiled tether with two MicroLocks.